BMW Z4 GT-R Timeattack



The engine comes from the Nissan Skyline GT-R . It is a 2,6l inline 6 cylinder turbo . It delivers 760hp 829Nm in race ready condition.



The ABS system is a BMW Motorsport Teves MK60 and are fully adapted for racing. The only similarities with a standard ABS is appearance .


Maxxtuning sponsors with mapping and engine management system . MaxxECU is Maxxtunings own control systems for total engine control

M&M Motorsport is selling Sparco and chassis components. Extinguishing System , chairs , belts and personal safety equipment are from them.


Z4 GTR .


The car is from the beginning a BMW Z4 3.0 Si that was bought in Horley outside London. Then driven home and was registered in Sweden before it was stripped completely and rebuilt as a racing car.



The wheels come from BC Forged and is delivered by Stance Tech. They are 12x18 " ET0 . This is milled monoblock wheels that weigh only 10kg.

The body .


The body consists of a kit of Floss Mann in Germany. It is similar to the same GTR kit used by BMW on its GT cars that went GT4 those years, E86 raced .

Brakes .


The brakes come from the Porsche GT2 and BMW M3. Calipers come from Porsche and discs from BMW M3 E92 .

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