The very idea



I used to have a BMW E30 with the same engine . It was funny , but I was hungry for something new and fresh .

I discussed the matter with my racing buddies and after some time I got a tip about a Z4. I googled around and found images of the BMW Z4 M Coupe Motorsport and then it was decided. I would have one.

An object was chased up in Germany but the seller there were unpleasant and was not the least bit interested in selling , so we had to look further. Eventually found a fine one in England outside London. In England , the cars are cheaper , and additionally the steering wheel is on the wrong side does not hurt on the race track , so it had to be .


The car was driven home and was registered in Sweden before it began to be rebuilt. Floss Mann delivered the body kit and original engine was removed.

The actual operation of the engine took only a few days. Remove the BMW engine and then lift in the Nissan engine and fix it . Then it was just a question of welding the engine mounts .

Most would fit surprisingly well . The engine compartment in the E86 body is good, but coupé space is limited . It's no big car.

The Swedish rollcage company Finess got to du a matrix of the car and bend to a rollcage kit which I then assembled myself. Very limited space, but Patrik at Finess and I discussed it and he made a fine cage, which I furthermore can get through when I'll climb in and out of the car.

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